What We Offer

Custom WordPress Design

Creating a new website with WordPress means not having to reinvent the wheel.  We take that out-of-the-box code to the next level with first-rate, professional and unique customizations that showcase your digital presence on the web. It’s sort of like starting off with that Duncan Heinz© cake mix, but making it your own by adding in those colorful sprinkles and icing!   

SEO Friendly

There’s no use creating that perfect website if no one else sees it — that’s where Search Engine Optimization (SEO) comes into play. Solid SEO practices ensure that the very people searching for services like yours will find you on the web. Contact us today to see how we can get the ball rolling.

Monthly Maintenance Packages

Once you’ve staked your claim on the web we want to keep it that way. This is why we offer monthly maintenance packages to manage any necessary updates and back-ups, and to protect against any malware attacks to your site. Because the last thing you or your business needs is an unreliable space on the web. Wild Steppe can help you maintain a lasting and reliable digital presence.

Graphic Design

While we don’t offer complete branding packages, we do incorporate existing branding elements into your website as part of a cohesive marketing campaign for your business. We also offer design services for social media and other marketing projects that complement your existing brand.

My Work

Graphic Design

Web Design

Web Design

"Elisheva did a wonderful job creating a website for my bakery’s specialty cakes. She was easy to work with, accessible, and understood our needs. The website has generated more business for us, and has served as an important reference point to communicate more effectively with our customers. Elisheva’s attention to detail and personal touch exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend her services!"

Tehila Miller • Rolings Bakery

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