Poster advertising a Tuesday Night Class

Event Poster #1

This is the first poster I ever designed — and I don’t mind sharing that I was nervous — but giving up is something I really try not to do! Once I connected that the first letter of each word in the title “Tuesday Night Torah” was “TNT” it was fairly easy to come up with the tagline. As far as image choice, the image of the highway denotes movement and this complements the “journey” reference in one of the title’s classes. In my mind, the subject matter at hand also matches the theme of a “highway”. We are all on a journey to become better versions of ourselves. We don’t stand still. We move forward. Learning Torah (the Jewish bible) is one way to do this.    

Event Poster #2

Actually, this is the first poster I ever designed! Looking at it now, I see some things that I would definitely change. The font, for instance, at the very bottom. I’m actually “itching” to open up Photoshop, grab the eye-dropper tool and color-match that yellow color in the textbox so that I can change the font color showing the address at the bottom. Peering at this even further, I would play around with the font colors at the top text as well so that tidbits of info such as the date would stick out more. Adding some a “snazzy” text on the poster (such as “Don’t Miss It!” or something more original!) might also add a drop of excitement to this poster.


Design for candle-lighting magnet


I consider this project a personal triumph. When asked to have a magnet showing this information made, given personal limitations at the time my first thought was to outsource the project. However, after realizing that I had the chance to delve into something new, I decided to attempt it myself… really happy that I did!

Event Poster

This is the second poster I ever created. I’m particularly proud of it because it showcases some of the progress I made in using Photoshop. In designing this poster I took a recognizable image of the Philly skyline, but added the skyline’s reflection to image. I thought the heart was a nice touch given the intended audience — plus, the heart is a cute nuance to Philly’s famous slogan “the city of brotherly love”.

mock magazine cover for Dolly Days magazine

Mock Magazine Cover

Tapping into my daughter’s love for all things “dolly”, and wanting to expand my repertoire of work, I created this mock magazine cover for Dolly Days magazine. First, I found my main image and then used the “color drop” tool in Photoshop to choose blue and pink to complement that image. I added yellow as a contrast color to make my headlines stand out. Helping me along was some awesome advice I received from this completely unbelievably helpful graphic design group I am a member of.